A wide range of products is available to our customers in all sorts of industries and every day this range expands.

Universal Automation System - < NEXUS10 >

NEXUS10 - was originally designed to perform manufacturing / production line labelling and coding tasks - PCM configuration. Later, in response to our customers' requests we have added a visual inspection component to it - VISION configuration.  
Currently, in its different configurations, NEXUS has the ability to control various manufacturing processes:

  • NEXUS10 PCM:
    • Ink-Jet Solutions:
      • Package Coding - controls printing of Best Before / Used By dates on every product coming out from production
      • Package Coding - controls printing of any other package information (Fragile, Top/Bottom, Manufacture Information, Package Information etc)
    • Label Solutions:
      • Package Labelling - SKU, TUN, SSCC labels (Supporting most of industry well known printers - SATO, CAB, DELPHI etc)
    • Scanner Solutions:
      • Barcode / RF verification
    • Reports - Counts
    • Visual Inspection (checks for dates printed, product defects, missing components etc)
    • Reject - NEXUS can control reject station
  • NEXUS10 MNF:
    • Production data logging (Productions, Downtimes, Waste, Change Over's, Production Efficiency (PE), OEE)
    • Production Quality logging (data from gauges, manual entry, check against specifications)
  • NEXUS10 HH
    • Handheld Solution:
      • Truck loading manifests
      • Stock Control
  • MSC10 HH
    • Handheld Solution:
      • Collect stock information (actual)
      • Compare stock information with what is in the system

Universal Automation System - < u-BOX10 >

u-BOX10 is a general purpose automation package that allows control over various processes both in industrial and office environments. u-BOX10 similarly to NEXUS10 has PLM (Programmable Logic Module) and also supports most of the standard interfaces: RS232, RS485, RS422, TCP/IP and OPC, which allow to configure it to control all sorts of devices, record data to various databases, read data from various data sources and everything is in real-time. It brings PLC and PC worlds together which gives us a wide range of possibilities to tackle the tasks infront of us.

Handheld Solution - < h-BOX10 >

To extend u-BOX10 and NEXUS10 functionalities and give them a new dimension we have developed the h-BOX10 - handheld solution / series of solutions that integrate with our existing products. Intermec handheld with Windows Mobile 6. Read more here.

Where Did The Money GO - < WDTMGO >

Business financial information may be a complex topic to understand especially if you have no history in accounting, but even if finance is your forte it can sometimes still be difficult to find where money has disappeared too.

Where Did The Money Go is the package that connects to Quicken Books and extracts necessary information to answer this question.

Some of our customers are accountants and they say that it is the best tool to get a snapshot of your business financial situation; WDTMGO produces detailed and summarized reports in only a few minutes. The only enquiry we are currently getting: when will we release MYOB version of WDTMGO... And it is definitely coming out soon.


Over the years we have developed various universal purpose utilities that could be used as stand-alone and/or as accompanying  utilities to main products:

  • u-Reporter10
  • e-Reporter10
  • e-Courier10
  • OBJEasy10
  • etc

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